Unleashing Shan's Premier Paver Blocks

Pavers can used immediately after installation. There is no need for cement for paving joint, all it takes is sand the anti-skid and anti-glare finish make pavers secure enough for people To walk on and vehicles to move. Once installed in a proper manner, pavers do not need any maintenance. Pavers available grades- M20, M30, M40, M50, M60. Pavers available thickness 60, 80,100, 120mm. Pavers available with face mix and without face mix.

  • Versatility & Safety
  • Low cost
  • Unlimited Paver styles & colors
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Pavers are a flexible system and allow for movement
  • Superior physical characteristics DURABILITY
  • 50 year + life expectancy
  • No cracking
  • 4 times stronger than poured concrete
  • Withstands freeze-thaw conditions